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Vertical Leaf Filter


Non-Membrane Wastewater Filtration for Particles < 1 Micron

The LESI Vertical Leaf Filter (VLF) System is ideal as a final step water polishing system to filter out particles smaller than one micron.The VLF produces membrane quality water without the hassle of membranes. Perfect for use after the LESI EOX wastewater treatment, the VLF is an unmanned, fully automated, turnkey package.

The system is a non-membrane, non-plugging, non-fouling technology. The system continuously adds filter aid, creating a new filter surface and eliminating plugging. The VLF’s robust design means it has lower consumables, longer lifespan and lower operating costs than membrane technologies.

The Science Behind the VLF

The never-ending problem with membrane-based water filtration systems is that they constantly plug and foul. It takes manpower, toxic chemicals and downtime to maintain them. The VLF from LESI removes the membrane downtime problem entirely because the system continuously regenerates its filters automatically so performance remains high. The system is designed to remove up to 2% solids. Moreover, the VLF can be run unmanned—saving you operations and maintenance (O&M) costs and consumable expenses.


Continuous Solids Removal of Less Than 1 Micron

The system is designed for maximum efficiency and minimal downtime to keep your O&M costs low and flow rate high.

Unmanned, Turnkey Technology

The VLF continuously regenerates its own filters eliminating manpower or system downtime.

State-of-the-Art Automation

GEE’s VLF boasts the leading Human Machine Interface (HMI) for ease of use, tracking and optimization.

Fully Contained, Compact Footprint

The VLF has its own pumps and can be stand alone or integrated with other systems while maintaining a compact footprint.

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