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Soil Vapour Extraction


Soil Vapour Extraction for VOCs

The LESI Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) system is compact, economical and runs efficiently with low maintenance. The LESI SVE boasts a compact footprint and efficient design that provides enhanced vapour extraction with an operating value that benefits the bottom line.

The Science Behind the LESI SVE

LESI SVE facilitates mass removal of residual and vapour phase Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) situated in the vadose zone. The system uses vacuum pressure to remove VOC’s effectively from the soil. The system is designed with fewer moving parts, which results in lower maintenance, higher runtimes and increased efficiency. Adding EK3 Soil Heating or a LESI MPE can also increase in situ remediation depending on soil conditions and requirements.


Variable Frequency Drive

The LESI Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) has a Variable Frequency Drive, which lets you use the system for various flow rates and vacuums at a variety of sites. Easily operate the system from 10-60 Hz. for increased efficiency and onsite options that save you time and money.

Vacuum Pump

The LESI SVE can use regenerative, rotary lobe, rotary claw or rotary vane vacuum pumps. All pumps are low maintenance, oil-free and contact-free.

Compact Footprint

With the LESI SVE there is less above ground infrastructure than other designs.

Mobile App Access

Access monitoring data and equipment statistics from anywhere in the world from our mobile app for Android or iPhone or from desktop. Logs data for mass removal calculations.

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