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Pneumatic Airlift System


The Pneumatic AirLift System (PALS) is an easy-to-use, cost-effective downhole fluid-lift system and remediation enhancing technology.When you add the PALS to your existing LESI equipment, what’s good gets even better. The PALS keeps the wells free of silts and can lift fluids up to 150 feet. It helps develop well sites faster and it replaces expensive systems such as pneumatic and electric submersible pumps while achieving amazing results. Plus, PALS can be utilized in vertical or horizontal applications. When used in conjunction with the LESI MPE / Pneumatic Fracturing Systems (PFS), PALS increases efficiency significantly and is successful in dewatering wells up to 150 feet.


Oil & Gas

  • In situ downhole water-lifting

  • Drilling Waste Sites

  • Other spills including flowline/pipeline breaks

  • Upstream Oil and Gas Industry including refineries, oil and gas drilling sites, oil and gas battery sites, flare pits and other spills

  • Downstream Oil and Gas Industry including gas stations and bulk fuel storage facilities


  • Retired gas stations, fuel/refinery sites, spills


  • Former Manufactured Gas Plants (FMGPs)

  • Asphalt Plants

The Science Behind the PALS

The LESI EOX removes free product phase in the saturated zone and dissolved phase in the water by extracting it in conjunction with Pneumatic AirLift System (PALS) to lift the product/water to the surface to be treated above ground by the LESI water treatment system. By using the LESI PALS with our MPE we are able to create a hydraulic gradient that will draw more water (dissolved) and free product into the extraction well. The MPE uses a vacuum pump to apply a negative pressure or vacuum to the soil. This negative pressure volatilizes light end hydrocarbons in the unsaturated zone as well as creates a pneumatic gradient to pull vapors through the soil formation to the extraction wells for removal. The result is a powerful, cost-effective remediation enhancement.



When used with our Pneumatic Fracturing System (PFS) and our LESI MPE, the PALS speeds up the MPE process entirely with high pressure pulsed air providing water lift. This means increased removal rates and cost savings on MPE applications.

Develop Wells Faster

By using PALS with our other technologies (PFS, MPE), you’re accelerating the remediation process by an order of magnitude that positively affects your bottom line.

Vertical or Horizontal

As a remediation enhancement technology, PALS is versatile enough to work with either vertical or horizontal well applications.

Fully Automated

The LESI PALS in conjunction with our Pneumatic Fracturing System (PFS) can be accessed and optimized from anywhere in the world on a mobile app for Android or iPhone or from your desktop.

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