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Advance Oxidation Reactor


Powerful Advanced Oxidation Reactor

The LESI Advanced Oxidation Reactor is an integral part of the LESI innovative wastewater technology. The Advance Oxidation Reactor is a pressurized system that uses high concentration ozone. The unique reactor design creates a highly reactive environment which reduces residence time and increases efficiency. The Advance Oxidation Reactor’s smart design means more water can be treated with higher efficiencies and lower operating costs.


  • Oil & Gas / Industrial

    • Oil

    • Emulsions

    • H2S

    • Silica

  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment / Agriculture

    • Phosphates

    • Bacteria

    • H2S

    • Endocrine disruptors

    • Pharmaceuticals

  • Scalable: 0 - 50,000 m3/day (0 - 13,230,000 gallons/day)

The Science Behind the Ozone Reactor

The Advance Oxidation Reactor, ideally used in concert with the LESI EOX, oxidizes contaminants through a pressurized approach creating highly reactive microbubbles and a highly oxidative environment. The result is high capacity destruction of reactive contaminants. This means high flow and low residence time. The pressurized Advanced Oxidation Reactor from LESI uses the highest ozone concentration (20% wt. vs. typical 5% ozone) to increase contaminant removal. The pressurized ozone remains in a microbubble state for increased contact and reactivity. The system’s unique multi-directional agitation results in increased destruction of contaminants.

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