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Oil Water Separation Process From High Concentration Brine

LESI Oil Water Separation Process was successful in recovering over $1,000,000 worth of cap oil in one month from ponds associated with Potash Solution Mining.

The Situation

A potash mining company had residual cap oil accumulation over a 3-5 year period on the high concentration brine ponds. The hydrocarbons are used to cap the caverns in the solution mining process and can be released during the brine evacuation. The hydrocarbons then accumulate over time in the brine ponds, resulting in environmentally hazardous condition.

The Solution

LESI's Oil Water Separation process effectively and efficiently recovered over $1,000,000 in hydrocarbon product in a one month time period. The recovered hydrocarbon product is now available for reuse, while eliminating the environmental hazard in the high concentration brine ponds. Due to the highly variable hydrocarbon concentration, due to shifting winds, LESI was able to recover 2-100% free product at any one time.

Through our innovative design of the oil water separation process and mobile functionality, we were able to perform with over 99% runtime, while recovering valuable operation resources.

Case Study

Sector - Mining - Industrial - Offshore and Onshore

Location - Southern Saskatchewan, Canada

Key Product - Oil Water Separator

Extracted Contaminants - Hydrocarbons - Oil and Grease

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